“There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains. To put an end to it will be neither a short nor an easy task, but it can be done.”​

Theodore Roosevelt

Working Hard For You

Candidate Cory McGarvey Sr. 

Why I am running.

I am a son of a single mother who worked and went to college while raising 4 children. During this time I learned a lot about hard work. I have worked in multiple industries and have learned quite a lot about the industries in this state. I have been an advocate for the working and middle class for an extended time.

I proudly endorse the candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders for President.  I will be campaigning for him as well as myself.

I stand for Progressive policies that will help rebuild the middle class.

A living wage of no less than $15 an hour is needed to move America forward.

We need to return to middle class economic policies. Income inequality has decimated the American Dream. We need progressive tax rates that are fair to the working and middle class as well as equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender or race.

I am a pro-choice candidate that is personally against abortions but understands that I cannot put my personal beliefs above someone's Constitutional rights.

I stand with the LBGT community in their fight for equality in all ways.

I am avidly against the use of corporate funds in the electoral process. The Citizens United decision has polluted the election process.

I am a Bernie Sanders style Independent although I will be running as a Democrat in North Dakota. It's time we have real people in Congress..